Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bodypump 57 My Thoughts :) a month on :)

Warmup - Love the music and also like how Michael as blocked each exercise in the warmup. They relate to the exercises later in this release. The track rocked at the clubs last year and if you are a clubber then the track is going to go off. For the non-clubbers they will love track. I like the way Michael choreographed the ending shhhhhhh sneaky :)

Squats - You slowly come into the squats. Infernal are an awesome club act. If you are a clubber then this track is familiar for the non clubbers then something new. Love the music and tons of music interpretation. The choreography moves well to the music the music drives the squats. Michael ends the track with a nice end set. If you watched the video then the video is going to race through the mind when you do this track.Michael bought back something I have done in the early 20's series of Bodypump for this track :) I am not saying what release that was but was very surprised and happy to see it back in Bodypump :)

Chest - the track focuses on downstairs much like the releases in the 30's series. Lock load and get busy as Michael would say. Because you work the full range no reason why you can't load up the bar for this track :)

Back - 4 phases and that is something new to Bodypump. Michael left a legacy with this track and I guess they have to lift the bar to come close to this track IMO! One thing coach rowing technique (bring the rower out in the class.) If you think rowing and think scapular then this track is going to work the back rack and row :) that coxless fours :) and the Olympics and row till your shoulders drop off. :) I asked Michael to have a look at Cascadas website and he already did so and chosen her for Bodypump 57.

That has happened a few times I suggested a track on the LM site and he has choosen it already. Thinking of BP 45 Ganbareh Sash!, BP 48 I belive Sash!, BP 48 Bring me to life Evenescense, BP 46 I'm Gonna Getcha Good! Jackie 'O', BP 48 Get Me Some Mercury 4 for example.

Amazing to say the least.

Triceps - Love the Scissor Sisters it is a slow track so technique is what makes this track standout feel the music :) love the end :)

Biceps - shorter track the shortest one I can remember ever? The song is current and on the Australian and USA charts which is the first time in along time I can remember a track on the charts also in BP :) a nice set of range options and variations. Overall an awesome track :) tons of coaching cues come to mind :)

Lunges - there is an option to coach (Body Correction) with this track. The phases that Michael has choreographed with this track allow that. There is the option to loose the bar and make it a hip and waist track to get rid of that spare tyre :) love the ending. I really feel it in the waist this track and deep in the socket of the femur (head) and the gluteus as well.

Shoulders - I love the track I suggested this track in 2003 and I thought wow an awesome shoulder track. Michael has choreographed a well set of exercises to the music it is exactly as I pictured it when I heard the track in2003. (insert shock icon here.) it is now my fav shoulder track of all time in the 50's series, INXS are also tied for that honor as well.

Abs - Wow I asked so many times for b******** in Bodypump I must have annoyed them in 2002 with that one. I think that b******** are the best exercise for the obliques - TVA and Rectus Abdominus it hits every part of them. I truly wish one day that they would do an abs track with b******* and Hovers and nothing else :) that would hurt ouch :) this track is awesome and the choreography Michael has chosen is outstanding.

Cooldown - I adore Il Divo you need to seriously watch the video for this track before teaching this track. It is a must it sets the mood for the cooldown you understand the whole vibe of the track if you watch the video. If you also get ahold of the CD and listen to that then you can set the mood for the track. Also listen to Patrizio Buanne - The Italian then you can interpret this track. IMO!

If your instructor chats and chats and chats in track 10 tell them not to. Switch down the lights and and the music and just immerse youself in Il Divo :)

(Silence is golden.) Il Divo and Ancora should be in every persons music library.


What a WAY to go out on Michael that song says I have finished and packed up my bench weights and had an awesome workout. It would be a travesty of they don't stay for abs and the cooldown of release 57 (insert total shock icon here.) of they are not moved beyond belief with IL DIvo. I have wonderful memories of this track from Pump 24 as an abs track and followed by First Time I Saw Your Face (Roberta Flack.) the same thing as back then if anyone left and did not experience tracks 9 and 10 of Pump 24 then they missed out on one great ending to Pump 24.



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